Solo Nerd Day #1: Success


Yesterday, I decided to get out of the apartment and have a Shay Day and I must say, it was pretty damn awesome. The theme for the day came to me after spending all morning scrolling through, commenting and liking posts on The Extraordinary Journey of A Black Nerd group on Facebook. After immersing myself in anime, superheroes and just plain nerdness, I was ready. I did my hair and looked cute as hell. I put on my favorite superhero shirt (The Flash obviously). I was excited.

Once I felt cute as shit, I packed my bag with all the necessary equipment for my day: my tablet for reading my books on the Kindle app and scrolling through Buzzfeed, a physical book because nothing beats the real thing, and my journal in case some form of inspiration came to me. 

All packed and ready to go, I got my life and walked out the door. I had a full schedule planned but the first place on my list was obviously going to be the best place for a bookworm.

I settled there and ordered some food and a drink and actually felt more relaxed than I’d been in a long time. I didn’t feel watched. I was at peace. I sipped my drink and read my book while the voices of Kid Fury and Crissle of The Read podcast spoke truth in my ears. 

I spent a heavenly 2 hours there, accepting compliments on my hair, chilling around cool, nice people and enjoying a delicious lunch, before the sounds of thunder had me scurrying back to my car and to the apartment. The minute I walked through the door, I went upstairs and turned on my PS4 and started playing my new video game. I wouldn’t say new though. It’s just new to me now since I haven’t played it since I was 11. 

After a bit of that, I went back downstairs and turned on my Big Lots Polaroid speaker (best $15 I’ve ever spent) and listened to some more of my podcasts while I worked on some birthday gifts. 

I stopped in the midst of crocheting and went and fetched myself a glass of cranberry juice and some vanilla yogurt before starting my next project: part one of my mom’s birthday gift. Starting this project made me so happy since I know how much she wants this blanket and I’m going to feel so excited to give it to her. 

Before long, I realized that my day was now night and the living room was darkening. I would say my Nerd Day was such a success and I felt very much accomplished at the fact that my entire day was filled with activities catered just to me. 

I advise everyone to just have a day just for them. You’ll never forget the feeling.