They Might Be Giants


Every four years, I closely follow the Olympics. It is something that is second nature to me. I watch it for the sports. I watch it for the thrill. I watch it for people, the reactions and the entire feeling. Most of all, I watch it because I can never get over my amazement. I am in awe every time. These people are beautiful. They are the pure personification of passion and dedication. I can never imagine putting my entire life into something and just going for it without a second thought. Most of these people have been training since childhood. This is something that drives them to wake up every morning. Its simply unbelievable.

It was this morning when my feelings overflowed. I was scrolling through Buzzfeed, as I always do when I’m bored, and I couldn’t help but click on a link containing some of the most powerful images of day one. I actually felt tears well up as I scrolled through each image. First off, the photography was beautiful. Each athlete was captured in their purest form. There was nothing else for them in that moment but what they were going for. Each photo depicted a loss, a win or just pure teamwork and sportsmanship. One photo stuck with me the most. The photo of Japanese swimmer Kosuke Hagino was so powerful to me. It was simple, but you can see the joy displayed all over his face. With eyes shut tight and a huge smile on his face, he was a ball of joy with a fist raised high.

On a sadder note, watching the video of French gymnast Samir Said as he broke his leg and (quite possibly) his dreams was horrifying. I watched this last night on my phone and the moment I heard and SAW the snap of his leg, my phone hit the floor. This pained me more than anything because I have a sibling who is struggling with this. My brother was amazing in whatever he did, especially football. That was his dream, hope and motivation every day. The day I received the news that he had broken his leg during a football game, I was devastated. That meant everything he worked so hard for would be taken away from him. Oddly enough, I have hope for those who have none. I have hoped for my brother to fully recover and get back to what he loves since that day, and I hope the same for Said. Somehow I believe Said feels the same for himself.

Despite how bad his injury was, Said was waving at the audience from the stretcher like a champ.

Buzzfeed / Scott Halleran / Getty Images

Some people feel envious of these athletes. Hell, I think should feel jealous too, but no. All I feel is a sense of empowerment.They put in work almost everyday. They literally put in blood, sweat and tears. This is nothing to be jealous of. This should motivate everyone. So I may never get to their level, but I can someday move my own mountains and change my life along the way.