F…is for FRIENDS who do stuff together!


Over these last few weeks, I have been mulling over little tidbits of my life so far. More precisely, my friends. Friends, such a strange, yet calming word. I had to pause today and think over that word and its implications.

When did a ‘good morning’ said out of manners become something that comes freely with a smile? To others, I greet them out of routine but with my friends, I genuinely want to know. How was your day? Did you read a good book? Did you eat something spectacular? Did you cry? As your friend, I don’t deserve to know but I’d like to know about your life.

How did we go from that first awkward hug to embracing until we can’t breath? There are days when the hugs I give reflect how my day is going, and I feel it is the same with you all. A tight hug can mean two different things if you look carefully.

When did we fall into comfort? Usually when I sit by someone, I feel tense and uncomfortable. With you, I feel…content. We’re just there. No talking is needed to fill in the gaps of time. The low buzz of the television or background music is perfect sometimes.

When did you become the first person I wanted to tell everything? I tell most people enough to get them by, but not you. I can tell you almost everything without a second thought. I don’t even try and lie. Things I don’t even tell my family can be told to you because I trust you.

When did you begin to mean something to me? In the beginning you were just another person walking past my life. Now you are apart of it and it would actually hurt to see you leave it. You are family now. I actually cry when you cry. I laugh when you laugh. I smile because you are smiling and I love that about us.

So after all these questions, I really want to know one thing: when did we become friends. That is the question of the day. I don’t know when it happened, but I am oh so happy it did.


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