Country Girl: The Music That Makes Me Feel


Everyone has those music genres that makes them happy. They have the music that makes them cry and dance. For me, that is country. Not because I think country is better than any other genre, but because of the history I have with it. Country music has been in my life for years, thanks to my father. My dad introduced me to may types of music from hard rock to rock ballads to jazz to alternative music, but country hit me harder than the others. So in a way, country makes me feel closer to my dad. It is something that only me and him share. The main reason is the people who sing and write these songs put so much feeling and truth into their music that you can put yourself in their life stories. Some of these songs depress me while some make me feel so happy I want to scream it to the high heavens. Now I know I won’t convince people, but I’m going to give examples in the form of my favorite country songs.

In Color – Jamey Johnson

The first time I heard this song was the summer of 2009, the summer before I started college. I was cruising around Baton Rouge with my dad in his truck. Our destination escapes me, but I remember the song coming on and hearing my dad start to sing this song. Now my dad’s voice sounds horrible, but he was singing with so much passion that I had to listen harder to the lyrics. They were beautiful. Jamey Johnson telling a story of his grandpa telling him the background on a couple of black and white photos. The stories ranged from two boys in the Great Depression, two men fighting in WWII and a couple about to get married. This was a song about getting to know who your grandparents really were. It touched me so much and it made me ask my dad a million questions on how is life was as a child. What I was told was worth it.

Favorite Lyrics: If it looks like we were scared to death / Like a couple of kids just trying to save each other / You should’ve seen it in color



Faith To Fall Back On – Hunter Hayes

This song is fairly new, as is Hunter Hayes. I especially like him because he is very close to my age and also lives fairly close to where I live and I’ve visited his town many time (they have the BEST boudin). I have heard a lot of his songs but this on sits very warmly in my heart. I remember this song whenever I’m feeling down or losing hope in something. This song reminds me that no matter what happens, always have faith that things will happen the way they should. You don’t have the complete map to your life. Hell, the map isn’t even made. You’re just making the path as you go.

Favorite Lyric: God, I don’t have to see you. I know that you’re there / Cuz there were times I thought I wouldn’t make it home / But I kept a little faith to fall back on.



Cupid’s Got A Shotgun – Carrie Underwood

I have loved Carrie since she won American Idol ALL those years go. I have all her albums and she has a song for every situation. She especially has a good bit of songs pertaining to the subject of love. This one is my favorite as I relate to it. While everyone is falling in love and/or dating, I am running to the hills away from it. It scares me and I don’t like being scared. This song reminds me of myself so much because the girl in the song is running from Cupid and also fighting back. She never says if she won or not, but that’s not the point. It’s the fight. The main moral of this (to me) is you can fight love, but you can’t escape it at all.

Favorite Lyrics: Yeah Cupid’s got a shotgun aiming at my heart / I’ve been dodging bullets, I’ve been hiding in the dark / Sawed-off double barrel, trigger happy as could be / Cupid’s got a shotgun and he’s pointing it at me/ Yeah Cupid’s got a shotgun / But right now he’s running from me



Meanwhile Back At Mama’s – Tim McGraw (feat. Faith Hill)

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been apart of my life since I was young. They are the power couple of country and as down to earth as they come, which is why I love them. Out of all their many duets, I love this one the most. This is one of those feel good songs that remind you of home. I love this song because it helps me to remember that no matter how hectic the world gets and how hard my life gets, my family and my home is always going to be there. Home doesn’t even have to mean a house. Home is just where my parents and sibling are. That’s home to me.

Favorite Lyric: Meanwhile back at Mama’s / The porch light’s on, come on in if you wanna / Supper’s on the stove and beer’s in the fridge / Red sun sinkin’ out low on the ridge / Games on the tube and Daddy smokes cigarettes / Whiskey keeps his whistle wet / Funny the things you thought you’d never miss / In a world gone crazy as this



If you enjoy any or all of these songs, feel free to follow my country playlist on Spotify. I promise its really good.



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