Two Weeks


Life sometimes makes you remember certain moment you’ve experienced. It can be a mere second or a whole year. The only important thing is that this point in time will never leave you. For me, it was these last 2 weeks, and I do mean literal TWO weeks.

This adventure began on the 23rd of November.

To understand this story, you must understand my group of friends. We are a very eclectic bunch of individuals. We are all different races. We all have different backgrounds.We all have our own unique interests. We had different majors and life goals. Hell, some of us are graduated and in the real world. Yet, we all make one whole unit glued together with love. So it makes sense that I was more than excited for our first real planned function: The Boom Squad Thanksgiving Dinner [yes we call ourselves The Boom Squad]. This event filled me with joy for the simple fact that we actually put a plan into action, put thought into it and treated it as adults. Food and refreshments came from almost everyone and everyone had a really good time. We even got to see our friends who left Nicholls. It was enough to almost make cry from the sweetness of it all. The night was ironic though that after having this adult festivity, we reverted back to our baser college selves and delved in a few good games of beer pong.

The days following the party were filled with me in thinking mode. My good friend Matt had a talk with me the day after that put my future into perspective. After, I had a talk with my person (Grey’s reference) and my roommate, who might as well be another me, and we made a few concise decisions on our life after college. The change to our overall plan actually took a weight off my shoulders that I didn’t even know was there. Over those last few days, my life actually felt easier. Things flowed. I had no issues. I was even having no problems in classes that usually stressed me out. I feel as if life is looking up.

Fast forward to last night: December 6th.

Last night was awesome! We had our second function of the semester and a damn good one at that. Why not have a bomb ass Christmas party right after the boss ass Thanksgiving party. This party wasn’t on the food level of the previous party, but it was even better in my opinion. First off, my roommates and I all swan-dived into the holiday spirit and decorated our apartment. It looks like the Father Christmas came and barfed all over our room which was a beautiful thing. The party was a menagerie of randomness. On top of secret Santa, we had a meal of baked macaroni and cheese and finger sandwiches, had an immense amount of liquor, sang karaoke and played card games and just had fun. The entire experience was fun and simple and perfect. As my roommate and I cleaned up the large mess afterwards, it all felt worth it.

So today, December 7th, marks the two week anniversary of my special moment in life. I will cherish it forever and at the same time hope that there are moments better than it.


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